About us

At Playability, we are very proud of our work and confident that we offer a valuable service to families.

We have grown from humble beginnings and still have the same heart behind our mission, to provide the best experiences for our young people.


Once Upon A Time...


In 1986 a group of families found that there wasn't enough suitable play experiences, for their children with disabilities. They brought their children together and gave them the chance to play, grow and develop in a safe environment, Warrington Association for Special Children (WASC) was born.

From one venue and a handful of families the group created a charity and began fundraising and raising awareness of their work. More and more families got involved and the group went from strength to strength. ‘WASC' became so successful that a Co-ordinator and Play Staff had to be employed to run the schemes which had grown to six venues across Warrington.

After 25 years and several hundred children growing up having fun with WASC, the charity took steps to head into the future. These steps included a change of structure to make it stronger and more competitive and a name change from Warrington Association for Special Children to playability.