Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are
Find out who we are, what we do and how we do it!

We are a local charity working in Warrington and contracted by Warrington Borough Council to provide a unique service of respite care for parents and carers and group based activities, for children and young people with severe learning disabilities.

At Playability, we are proud of our work and our trained and experienced play staff are committed to providing the best service and care to the children and young people we work with.

Since we began in 1986 we’ve grown to support around 80 families a year.  Overall this equates to over 600 children and during this time we’ve added school clubs, swimming lessons and Christmas playschemes.  We are now recognised as a key provider of short breaks for families of children with severe learning disabilities and other complex needs.

Find out more about our beginnings, and how we’ve grown into the charity we are today!

Find out more about our beginnings, and how we’ve grown into the charity we are today!

What We Offer

We give our children and young people (CYP) the chance to interact and socialise.

Our CYP are given opportunities to play and socialise.  This builds confidence, communication skills and allows the young people the freedom to experiment and take risks, whilst being supported by our staff and volunteers.

We provide social opportunities.

We use local community based venues, including Green Lane Special School, where we support our children and young people in a safe and happy environment. These events are run during school holidays when they are needed most. All events are staffed by trained play staff and a team of volunteers.

By using volunteers, we are providing them with work experience which will help them with their further education and careers.

We offer disability specific care.

Playability staff are experienced in looking after a range of disabilities.  Our care is broad enough to cater for a range of young people at one time, but can be specific and tailored enough to meet individual needs.  The play staff maintain a consistency of structure and support whilst keeping fun at the heart.

Keeping it simple...

At Playability, we have a very strong idea of what we do and who we work with. We believe this is important as it makes our goals clear and allows us to find the best possible way to make them reality.

We know we work with learning difficulties and being clear on this allows us to offer the best possible support for the young people in our care. Our vision is simple and it is this simplicity which makes us good at what we do.

Who We Are
Our vision...

To be the leading local charity providing specialist support for children and young people with learning disabilities and respite for their families.

To provide opportunities of play activities, learning and social interaction in an environment that respects their needs and choices.

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